FoodSaver V5860

The FoodSaver V5860 is an automatic vacuum sealer that includes a separate handheld device. Check the Data tab to see all the features that this vacuum sealer has to offer!

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Operation Method

Handheld Included

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Roll Cutter

Accessory Port

Roll Storage

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Cool Down Time

Drip Tray


Additional Information



The FoodSaver V5860 is a countertop vacuum sealer that operates in automatic mode. A separate handheld vacuum sealer is also included.

An accessory port for cannisters and other containers is built-in. A storage bag roll cutter for creating custom sized bags is included, as well as internal storage. The drip tray is removable for easy cleaning.

See all the details on the Data tab.

Besides the FoodSaver V5860, other automatic FoodSaver vacuum sealers include: the FoodSaver V3460, FoodSaver V4400, FoodSaver V4440, and the FoodSaver V4840.