Additional Information

Any additional information that may be helpful. There is often information in this field that cannot be classified in any other place. Therefore, this information may help to distinguish one vacuum sealer from another.

Alternative Names

Retailers may list the name and, especially, the model number slightly differently. This can be especially confusing when the name and the model number is the same, but the retailer has listed it slightly differently.

In addition, the name of the vacuum sealer may be predominately a number, but the model number is something completely differently. For example, the model may be V3840, but the model number is T000-18002-P. Some sites may list the vacuum sealer as V3840, while others may use the model number. We have attempted to capture both, and variations, to make it easier to locate regardless of what it may be listed as.

Some models have an abbreviation representing the manufacturer and retailers often drop this or insert a hyphen or space. In addition, many model numbers have hyphens mid-number and these often get dropped as well.