Creating Custom Bags

Some bags are sold on a roll and are more economical than pre-made bags. Some vacuum sealers will have a setting to just seal, which is the first step to making custom fit-to-size bags.

Bag Storage and Cutter

Some vacuum sealers will have a compartment to place the bag rolls. In addition, these bags may be able to be drawn out and cut with a built-in cutter instead of being cut with a pair of scissors.

Vacuum Speeds

Some vacuum sealers will have multiple speeds in withdrawing the air so it fragile items are not crushed.

Cool Down Time

The heating and sealing element is delicate and they cannot be used repeatedly without damage. Most manufacturers will give a recommended time to allow this element to cool off before sealing the next bag. The time given is the amount between sealing operations. Products may also have an additional cooling off time after so many repetitive operations, e.g., 20 minute cooling time after 10 repetitive seals.

Sealing Levels

A few machines will have different sealing levels. These can take a couple of forms. It may be the width of the seal, it may be a second seal next to the first one, or it may the length of time to seal.

Dry and Moisture Settings

Vacuum sealers are designed to remove air, not liquids or powders which may damage the pump. Some vacuum sealers will have a setting to help the machine when something moist is present in the bag. However, even in cases where the machine does not have this setting, liquids (e.g., soup) or moist foods can be vacuumed if they are frozen first.

Accessory Port

Many machines will have an accessory port that will allow the machine to use the pump for vacuuming jars and canisters with special lids. The access port can also be used on a few machines to marinade food.


If the machine has an accessory port, then usually a hose is needed to connect the machine to the accessories. The canister, jar, or marinading container will usually be sold separately, although some are sold as a bundle with the machine.

Accessory Modes Shown

Some machines will have a separate button for vacuuming canister or jars; or for marinading food. The modes shown are only for those machines that have a separate button for this process. If the machine has an accessory port, then it has the ability to do these as well, but the process will be by a combination of buttons labeled for other uses. Please read the instructions for the machine for the proper operation of the machine.