This is the general shape of the vacuum sealer – either horizontal, vertical, or cube (roughly equal in height, depth, and width). This helps decide if it will fit under counter tops or in cabinets and drawers.

Most external vacuum machines are predominately either horizontal or vertically shaped. However, a few operate horizontally, but can be stored vertically. Due to the nature of chamber vacuum sealers, these are usually cube shape.


This is the general color of the vacuum sealer machine. It may not be the only color. Trim color may be different.

Drip Tray

Whether the drip tray is removable or not. A removable drip tray is easier to clean.

Chamber vacuum sealers, don’t have a tray as whole bag is placed inside the chamber. However, some chambers may have an insert that can be used.

Handhelds generally have a reservoir space just after the bag connector to hold any liquid accidentally taken up.