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Finding the Best Vacuum Sealer

There are many, many features to consider when looking for a vacuum sealer. You can get a detailed explanation for the 16 different features that we review for every vacuum sealer on the Features page.

The most common features that people look for first include the vacuum method and the operation method. Once these are decided on, then there is a whole host of other details that will allow you to select one machine over another.

Vacuum Method

There are three basic methods to remove the air from a bag: suction, chamber, and handheld vacuuming.

Suction vacuuming is the most common. With a suction machine, the bag is held in a clamp with the open end in a vacuum channel. The clamp also contains the sealer mechanism that seals the bag after the air is withdrawn.

In contrast to a suction machine, there are internal machines that are usually called chamber vacuum sealers. On a chamber machine, the vacuum bag is placed into a chamber within the machine and then the whole chamber is closed. The machine withdraws all of the air from the vacuum chamber. Because the bag is inside the vacuum chamber, all of the air is withdrawn from the bag as well. Even though the bag is within the chamber, it is still held in a clamp, so that it may be sealed after the air is withdrawn.

Lastly, there are handheld machines. A handheld works somewhat like a suction machine. However, instead of a clamp, the bags themselves have a specially designed opening that the handheld can withdraw the air through when attached to the bag. While connected, the attachment point is open to allow air withdrawal. When the handheld is unattached, the opening becomes closed. Otherwise, the bag is a normal storage bag with an opening at the top. The handheld does not seal the bag; you do. It only withdraws the air.

Operation Method

When it comes to the operating modes, there are two types: automatic and manual. However, there is a large amount of confusion as to what these terms mean because different manufacturers, retailers, and reviewers use the terms differently.

First, it is important to acknowledge that machines can be operated across a wide spectrum of control – from every step is initiated and stopped by the user to the machine does everything on its own. If the user has to do everything, then it is a manual machine. When the machine does everything, it is an automatic machine.

The dispute over the term’s definition lies somewhere in the middle – when the user does some steps and the machine does other. For example, if the user places the open bag into the vacuum chamber, engages the clamp, and initiates the procedure, but then the machine withdraws the air and seals the bag. Is that a manual or an automatic machine?

It can be argued that is a manual machine or an automatic. There are many little steps on vacuuming time and speed, sealing time and type, and a host of other interventions by a user that might move the vacuum sealer on the spectrum from manual-to-automatic-and-back.

So, it is not necessarily that the machines are automatic or manual, rather, it is how they are used in a particular sealing activity. Therefore, we only call automatics those vacuum sealers that are fully automatics. We feel that most users want to have some control over features and steps of the process. Therefore, manual machines are the desired machine.

Compare to Find the Best Vacuum Sealer

We are firm believers in finding the best features and comparing products before you buy. To find the best vacuum sealer based on the features you value the most, go to the Vacuum Sealers page and simply select the features you want, which will filter all of the models to allow you to compare vacuum sealers easily. Then click the models that appear to learn more.

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